We began our activities as an Incoming Tour Operator in São Paulo in the year 2010. Experienced professionals of the tourism sector created our company and in a few years we stood out in the local market.

Our services were thought out for foreign travelers who visit São Paulo for both leisure or work related reasons. Our mission is to reveal the diversity of the attractions and all of the potential of this vibrant metropolis, one of the biggest in the planet!

We provide a wide range of Tours, Travel Packages, Experiences and Incentive Programs, on top of specialized assistance for business travelers. We cater clients of all ages with our ability to fully customize our services according to our client’s profile is truly what sets us apart!

Knowing São Paulo in depth is not an easy task, which is why we have highly skilled professionals with many years of experience and in constant assessment. Our main objective is to offer a unique experience to our clients, one that reveals to them the full potential that our city and each of its regions has to offer.




I graduated from the “Tourism school” at “PUC-SP”, (Catholic University of Sao Paulo). I also specialized in the History of São Paulo at “IHGSP”, (Historical and Geographic Institute of São Paulo). 

I worked for various companies; from Urban planning to, Government Agencies, Tour Operators, and NGOs until finally becoming a tour guide in 2005 and falling in love with this profession and have not abandoned it since. 

After years of working as a tour guide in São Paulo; finally in 2010, I founded the company “Around SP”. The company was founded under the mission of providing foreign travelers much more than regular City Tours, but cultural experiences.

Ana Cecília González - PARTNER OWNER / FINANCE

I was born in Mexico, I obtained a “?B.A.?”, degree from “?AFU?”, (Accounting and finance University). I got my first executive position at the age of 21, and then in 2006 decided to go with my passion for travelling and moved to Spain. While living in Spain I obtained a “Masters degree”, in Business Administration at the “University of Barcelona”, and specialized in the “Tourism and Events industry”.

Ever since, I’ve worked in various areas of the tourism and travel industry; airline, hotel, restaurant, bar, events, tours, and others.

I continued my dream to see the world, and decided to visit São Paulo in December 2010; Since then, I haven’t left and made Sao Paulo my place home.

In 2013, I became a partner of the “Around SP”, company in order to assist the company in its accounting and financial structuring needs. I also contribute in the planning and promoting of new tourist destinations within Brazil and the World.