Grand historical cities, the biggest outdoor art center in Latin America (Inhotim) and one of the best cuisines of Brazil are just some of the main attractions of Minas Gerais

Did you know?

Largest production of coffee in Brasil.

Minas Gerais state contributes with almost 50% of the national production of coffee


Historical Cities

Ouro Preto, Mariana and Tiradentes cities reveal the strength of the gold rush of Brazil and their historical heritage is the biggest legacy from this period in time of the country.



One of the world’s most famous cultural centers with over 90 hectares of gardens, galleries, structures which coexist in perfect harmony with portions of the natural forest


Caraça Sanctuary

A real sanctuary located just some hours form the mining capital, this spectacular scenery is a very special choice for a day tour departing from Belo Horizonte.