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At Around SP we believe that Incentive Trips make excellent gifts to show model employees how much a company appreciates their hard work and effort. Thus, we also believe that this trip must be more than just a conventional itinerary, but an experience that will be engraved in the traveler’s heart for life.

We’re committed to elaborating an itinerary that will provide your employees a rich experience at their destinations, getting to see more than jus monuments and landscapes. Our idea is to have them dive into the local essence by exploring its historic, gastronomic, cultural, and natural attractions from all angles.

Our Incentive Trip itineraries are custom planed to your as well as your employee’s profile. Our team is in constant pursuit of new experiences and is flexible enough to design the best suitable itinerary possible!

Below are some examples some of the activities that we perform as part of our Incentive Trips:



We believe that the best way to get to know a culture is through its gastronomy. Around SP has put together various gastronomy classes to delight visitors with a variety of deep-rooted Brazilian culinary treats.

During class, participants will have their hands on the ingredients while they listen to instructions and commentary from the Kitchen Chef. For the closing segment of the class, participants will finally get to the most anticipated moment and get to sample everything that was cooked!

Helicopter Flights

Helicopter Flights

Can something be more exciting than to fly above a grand metropolis and to see it from a different perspective? Can something be more impressive than to hover over one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world aboard a helicopter?



The contact and communion with nature experienced through a paragliding flight cannot be defined; it must be lived to be understood.

Brazil has been blessed with its landscapes; it is the best way to get connected to the Tupiniquins natural beauty. Whether your destination is the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Mesa of the Guimaraes, or the coast of Sao Paulo, don’t miss out on living this experience with our professionals!



The Carnival Parades of Brazil are considered to be the largest and most vibrant cultural events in the planet!

Can you imagine making part of all of this feeling and energy, parading along at the Sambodromo?

Around SP offers programs in which company employees can make part of the parade, dressed in typical costumes, living all of the passion of the most famous cultural event of Brazil!