1) Why should I take a Tour with Around SP?

Our company offers more than tours! We provide experiences! Our services are done with professional tour guides who love their city and who will take you around safely and warmly as you discover the many attractions in the area.

2) Where do the tours start? Where do they end?

Our Private tours start and finish wherever you decide, with the condition that the starting point is within the expanded center of São Paulo. If you are located in another area, an extra fee will be added in addition to the original amount of the tour.

3) What is included in the price?

The prices include the services of a distinguished tour guide and a private vehicle.

4) What is it NOT included?

The price does not include museum tickets, food, beverages or any other extra expenses.

5) What languages are the Tours offered in?

The Private Tours are offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We also provide tours in Italian, German, French and other languages for an extra fee (please consult).

6) Do you offer any discounts for children?!

In case of Private Tours, contact us for more information about the discounts offered.

7) How do I set payment of the tours?

On our private tours, 40% of the amount is paid when booking through our website. The remaining amount must be paid in cash (we accept Reais, U.S. Dollars or Euros), at the day of the tour, straight to the tour guide.

8) What happens if it rains?!

Our tours are held even in case of rain. In such cases, a larger amount of stops will be held at tourist sites that are protected from the rain.

9) Can I Taylor my Tour Itinerary the way I want?

We love to understand our client´s preferences and we will be more than happy to customize your tour! The itineraries featured on our website are simple suggestions of what we think are the most representative tourist attractions for each tour option! Just beware that customization may consider restrictions like traffic, mileage traveled and the expertise of our tour guides.

10) Is São Paulo a dangerous city?

It can be dangerous like any other big city in the world. The places we visit during the tours are fine and we will not go to any unsafe areas.

10) What should I wear during the tours?

You should wear light and comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. On sunny days, bring hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

11) Do we walk during the tours?! Do we stop at some places?!

Yes! We always stop to walk and take pictures along our routes. If you don´t feel like walking we can plan a personalized itinerary of your choice.

12) What if I have to cancel the tour?!

Our cancellation policy can be accessed at Terms and Conditions of this website.

13) Do I need to tip the guide?

Tipping is not necessary but feel free to offer your guide a gratuity if you have enjoyed the tour.