What we Do:

•Itinerary according to the Group´s Field of Study

•Company Visit Arrangements

•Best Personal for Lectures

•Ground Transportation Arrangements 

•Cultural and Social Experiences

•Bilingual Tour Guides Available 24/7

•Accommodations and Restaurant Reservations

•Travel Arrangements for Studentes that plan to Overstay

Why choose us?

•We have a deep knowledge of our country

•Expertise in organizing Study Trips

•We have a commitment to excellence

•We provide 24/7 assistance

•We have a large group of professionals all over Brazil


Examples of school programs we provide


Architecture  Studies

Itinerary done through Sao Paulo, Rio and Brasilia where students are able to see a wide variety of styles of architecture



Doing Business in Brazil

Visit to several companies from different fields to understand how business are done in Brazil 



Agriculture Trips

Visit to different crops and institutes to understand Brazil’s agriculture potential.




History and Politics

Learn about the history and politics of Brazil travelling to places related to and having special lectures about politics and their influence in the country’s history.