Hot weather, great cuisine, intense nightlife and some of the most captivating beaches in all of Brazil. This is Ceará.

Did you know?

There are 600km of coastline with over 80 beaches in all of Ceará’s state.



Located just under the equator, you can find a nice hot weather all year long, typical gastronomy and good quality crafts.


Idyllic Beaches

Many beaches on Ceara’s coastline are ranked as the most beautiful ones in all of Brazil. Jericoacoara and Canoa Qubrada stand out with their natural attractions and great infrastructure.


Route of Emotions (Jericoacoara-Lençois Maranhenses)

In a 7-day itinerary that links the Jericoacoara beach to the Lençois Maranhenses Park, you will find a fantastic combination of adventure, beaches and ecotourism.