Brasilia is so much more than just the political center of the county, it offers many natural and architectural attractions, as well as great cuisine and cultural events.

Did you know?

It is the largest cultural area protected by the UNESCO World Heritage due to its 112.5 km² of urban constructions and remarkable architecture


Modern Architecture

With its modern audacity, Brasilia can be very impressive for a newcomer. It is the biggest ensemble of Oscar Niemeyer’s work; the Brazilian architect is considered a main figure in the development of modern architecture 


Chapada dos Veadeiros

One of the most fascinating destinations in Brazil and one of the oldest regions in the planet (approximately 2.5 billion years without any modifications). It stands out because of the variety of its landscapes which have rivers, waterfalls and even rock formations from over 600 million years ago.



This tiny city located near the federal capital is protected due to its national heritage. It counts with a very large gastronomical offer paired with beautiful waterfalls open for visitors.